Technical Writing

8 sections at Purdue University
Students in this class learn to rhetorically analyze and design effective technical documents, and are introduced to principles of participatory technical communication research and design. Students design job documents (resume, cover letter, and elevator pitches), research a local makerspace and print a research poster, and write an instructional guide. In a summer section, students also designed technical description posters and usability reports.
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Business Writing

1 section at Purdue University
This course serves students from a variety of majors, and teaches students to produce rhetorically effective professional and business documents. Students design job documents (resume, cover letter, and elevator pitches); research issues related to race, gender, and diversity within the workplace; and compose an infographic and recommendation report based on their research.

First-Year Composition

9 sections at Purdue University
Digital Rhetorics
Students learn foundational rhetorical principles through rhetorically analyzing a digital artifact, 3D modeling and printing an object that makes an argument in response to a social issue, documenting their design via Instructables.com, and collaboratively producing a class wiki about digital rhetoric, writing, and 3D printing. From Spring 2014 to Fall 2015, I also collaborated with the BoilerMAKER Lab in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute to print students’ projects.
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Fall 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
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Global Engineering Learning Community
This course offered an opportunity to work with a community of international and domestic Engineering students who took classes together, and followed the same syllabus as my Digital Rhetorics sections. As part of the course, I collaborated with multiple instructors from Engineering and English to plan events outside of class, such as a tour of Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc., study sessions, and an assignment that used Purdue’s Ideas to Innovation (i2i) Learning Laboratory. Students from my course won two of three possible awards (“Most Potential for Impact” and “Best Overall Project”) for First-Year Composition at the Global Engineering Learning Community Showcase.

106E Linked Course with Design Thinking in Technology
I was invited to teach an experimental section of First-Year Composition in collaboration with the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. Students in the course took the same section of ENGL 106 First-Year Composition and TECH 120 Design Thinking in Technology. Throughout the semester, I coordinated assignment designs and class activities with Professor Paul Asunda, following the same syllabus as my Digital Rhetorics sections.

Writing about Writing
During my first two semesters teaching at Purdue, I taught First-Year Composition using the textbook Writing about Writing. In this course, students composed a literacy narrative, analyzed a discourse community of their choice, and designed a flyer that recruited people to join their chosen discourse community.

Introduction to Web Design

1 section at Michigan Technological University
As an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Professor Wendy K. Z. Anderson, I led three class discussions and facilitated weekly lab activities, while also maintaining the course Drupal website for approximately 20 students. I assisted in selecting an updated textbook for the course, revised assignments and created activities, responded to student blog posts, and held regular office hours.